Send Your Nude Stories

Skinny DippingI love to hear nudist stories. I also like reading them and learning more about nudism. I’ve found many skinny dipping spots and place that allow nakedness. Y’all can send your stories to . Your stories gives me a lot more stuff to post about and everyone loves reading them.

My Christmas

Merry ChristmasMerry late Christmas to all my readers. I didn’t get on my laptop for 3 days and took a break to chill out and be around my room mates.

My Christmas went really well, I spend Christmas day with my mother who is a nudist also. We watched a Christmas movie on Christmas eve and eat a lot of finger food. All my room mates spend Christmas with my mom and I. We stayed up really late and crashed on the couch except for my mom, she slept in her own bed.

Christmas morning finally came. We all opened up gifts. I got a ps4 and some games. We always each gingerbread on Christmas morning and drink eggnog.

After breakfast, we decided to go swimming AKA SKINNY DIPPING since it was 80 outside. I don’t know why it has been so hot in Texas, but it felt like the summer time. But we had a great time skinny dipping on Christmas.

The rest of the weekend we just hung around the house and did family stuff and took down the Christmas tree.

Spending the Weekend Naked

Here’s a story I got from a reader.

Hi! I’m in college but this story is from a weekend I spend home alone.

My parents wanted to go on a vacation with just them two for a long time and they finally made a trip. The left Friday morning and came back on Monday, so my sister and i had the house to our selves.

I was a senior in highschool and my sister was a freshman. We didn’t have school because it was summer. It was really hot and we had a pool.

Friday Morning came and our parents left really early probably around 4am. I woke up around nine and got up. I always slept topless and wore  panties or a thong to bed.

I got out of bed and didn’t put a shirt on. My sister was shocked to see me half naked and wanted to know why i didn’t have a shirt on. I told her it’s just her and I and no one is going to see.

Later in the day, my sister said she was getting hot and took off all her clothes. I didn’t care. I feel that if a person doesn’t want to wear clothes they shouldn’t have to.

I took off my panties after she took off her clothes. We went skinny dipping in our pool and spent the whole weekend in the buff. Her and I sleep totally naked now and go naked every chance we get. naked weekend

Naked Island

Sometimes I run out of my nudist stories or people don’t send some in, so I’m writing this post of something I have always wanted. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted this, but not the nude part just this thing in general.

Ok! I lived in the country and love the out doors. I love the open air and things being basic, without all the electronics. Camping has always been on my list of favorite things to do. I love survival shows. Oops didn’t mean to link back to the modern world.

I go camping all the time now. Nude camping as you would call it. Camping free and nude is just so natural. Everyone should give it a try.

The beach is also one of my favorite places to go. The sand and the ocean. Skinny dipping in the ocean is on my list too. I’ve always wanted to go camping on the beach and just live on the beach with it’s resources.

Naked and Afraid is one of my favorite tv shows too.

Someday I want to buy an island and make it a nude island only. Only live on the resources the island has. It needs to have a small little runway to land a small plane to fly in, so people can visit. No clothes are allowed at all. It would so awesome to live this way.

I’ve always wanted a island like that and plan on someday getting if the price is right. nude island

Nude Dare For Y’all

It’s winter finally. Its cold out side and most of y’all say it’s way o cold to go nude. Don’t give me that lame excuse. I dare you to go bare this winter.

It’s hot tub season so let’s get wet. I dare y’all to go nude in every hot tub you go in. Every single one. And if it’s your hot tub, make everyone that goes in it skinny dip.  It’s not that big of a deal for y’all non nudies. People seeing you naked isn’t something to be ashamed of. Your body is beautiful. I’m not meaning that in a sexual way. Be confident in yourself. It’s you and only you, so don’t feel scared. We were all scared at first. Give it a go and comment below how it goes. nude dare

I took a Naked break

I took a nude breakI haven’t been posting on this blog for a very long time, mainly because i completely forgot it made this blog. It’s been a really good year, things are going great. Living completely naked as always. I got an apartment with some friends from highschool and they recently joined me in my naked living. Here is the scoop.

I’ve been living by myself in my own apartment for a little while now. Some of my really good friends that I went to highschool with moved back to town. They were looking for an apartment or house, so I brought up the Idea of sharing one. My friends are my same age and ones a guy and ones a girl.

We decided to get an apartment and I told them I was a nudists. Hardly anyone knows that about me except a few people. Shockingly, they excepted that and didn’t worry about it.

After the first week, the girl decided to just go topless. And after that day, she went completely nude. My friend that’s a guy ended up going fully nude right after her.

We have really fun time. In the summer, we went to the pool to skinny dip late at night. All of us love living together free and we all get along amazingly well.

Skinny Dipping Hole!!!


Here is a story I got from a girl out in Texas.

This is the first time I went skinny dipping.

I lived in gilmer tx and still do so if you want to go skinny dipping there and just swim you can i’ll put the address at the end.  But we have a ton of lakes and pond and everyone goes to swimming holes in the summer.  A few of my friends and I go to this one that has a rope swing and is kinda of the beaten path.

The first time I went skinny dipping there was last summer in june.  We got there 2 guys and 3 girls. It was he morning like around 10:00. We swam and had a really good time just doing what we normally do. We ate lunch t noon when one of the guys said we should skinny dip naked. Everyone was kinda shy and didn’t want to be naked in front of everyone, but it was more that we didn’t want to seem like a creep or a slut to just take off our clothes in front of everyone.

The guys got naked and jumped in. I feel like the guys just wanted to get us naked and that thy planned the whole thing our together. All of us girls giggled at them swimming naked. I decided to take off my top and jump in. It was me topless in a pond with 2 naked guys. It was exhilarating being naked in the water.

The guys came up to me and took off my bottoms saying that it was only fair for me to be fully naked when they were fully naked 2. They threw my bottoms out of the pond by my other clothes. I looked at the other girls and told them to jump in. They both stripped down and grabbed the rope swing and swing in. It was so much fun. We played every type of pool game from Marco polo to chicken fights. We go skinny dipping every time  we go there and enjoy being naked as much as possible.

This is the address to the swimming hole

6472 Grouse Rd

Gilmer, TX 75645